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AND HE DOESNT HAVE THE TiME TO BE iN LOVE WiTH ME♥ [entries|friends|calendar]
you said it makes you want to fall in love

sonny moore is love
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is this kid real [Thursday,
September 8th 2005 @ 4:35]
I'm a guy..... who can wrestle with you and let you win.... who i can talk to about anything...who puts your cold hands in my warm hoodie pockets.... who lets you use my sweatshirt for a pillow.... who says i love you & means it.... who will kiss you in the rain, in the sunshine, and in the snow....who will have many inside jokes with you and remember each one.... a guy who notices haircuts.... who can tell you my problems and let you help.... who will listen to you talk... who will bring you seashells from the beach.... who draws pictures and slips them gently into your locker slot.... who saves my genuine, big smiles for you.... with deeps eyes, that can see through faces into depths....who gives you my t-shirt to change into and not expect to get it back.... who knows your favorite color, song, car, vegetable, perfume .....who will shake your dads hand and look your mom in the eye.... who will call you by your full name--first, middle and last.... who willl know when something is wrong when you're trying your best to put on an act... who will kiss you and tell you you're beautiful.... who will let you cry to me.... who will hold you & kiss your cheek.... who suprises you and compliments and plays with your hair.... who will not tell his friends about intimate stuff we did... not afraid to give you a great big hug right infront of my mom... who smells like i just stepped out of the shower.... who wears cologne that you can subtly smell when you're leaning on my shoulder.... who will not try to meet up with other girls if i know you'll get jealous...who tells you that you have a nice laugh and a smile that lights up the room and simply be yours to hold.

where is he? haha

August 7th 2005 @ 9:30]
[ mood | tired ]

well i havent updated in forever well alot of things have happened mostly good so well see how that goes : ]

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July 24th 2005 @ 9:41]
[ mood | full ]

Well i just want to say that i love my layout

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July 18th 2005 @ 8:30]
[ mood | confused ]

well im just updating to make sure that sick picture is gone ... ew but anyways i guess i had to change my background and delete alot of entries like alot

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why don't you care at all, i'm dying for a place in yuor heart [Wednesday,
April 6th 2005 @ 4:15]
[ mood | i love mountain dew!! ]

Well yesterday was such a very sweet day!!
first after school i rode Jovanna's bus home, with brittany i love them !.. When we got there i peed on the curb street whatever then we walked to Becki 's house for a couple of minutes and she checked in or what not ! Well then we walked back to Jovanna's house to drop our stuff off and i said hello to her lovely sister! not shes mean to me ...THen i took beckis chapstick and stuck it up my butt lol when she ran back in the house..and she threw it so i told Jojo to keep it and she did not for long though cuz Brittany threw it in one of the constuction guys cars cuz his window was open (he got a nice treat) Then we started walking to 7 eleven, as we were walking i sticked a tampon in my mouth to see if it would expand lol they do good old supers!then we past jeff and pats houses and stopped by .. becki took jeff's phone and ran then put it back on his lawn hha and his sister came out got it and shhok her butt at us.we shook ares back. Brittany and i did this little dance for jeff, the whole time we were with pat he itched his ball's EWWEY. Then when we finally got to 7 eleven these little 7th graders were staring at us giving us looks and we were staring back and one of them confronted us and brittany and jojo were like oh hell no and stuff it was very funny! THen we we to the register like 3 times cuz are math sucks .. ALSO THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT MY POOP IS STILL THERE BEHIND THE ELECTRIC THINGY! AMAZING. when we were walknig back these guys told us to take are tops of!i almost forgot i was wearing Brians boxers that we took they were simpsons and all i could read on them was grande *Aka* BIG have time... Well then we walked back from seven eleven and becki was 10 min late ! and cody brians friend was singing some rap song who knows?( CODY IS HOTT) brittany knew the song though..After we walked back to jojo's and like right when we got there my mom wat there..bummer: / so that was my very very fun day!! we will have to do it agian!!

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your such a sucker for a sweet talker [Monday,
March 28th 2005 @ 9:23]
[ mood | shit im so tired ]

hmm i don't know.. easter was ok we went to my grandma and grandpa's house that was very boring..

hmm today i have no clue what i'm doing maybe hanging out with jojo i want to go play LASER TAG for some reason..

well i'm going back to bed


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red bull gives you wings ! [Saturday,
March 26th 2005 @ 8:05]
[ mood | idk ]

Well thursday and friday was tons of fun!@ i hung out with jojo and sarah..we went to the mall and these like 20 year old guys asked us if we wanted to go to a party.. then went to baby sit jojo's sister and his friend..Sarah and i got attacked with batteries and plastic bowls and other objects why jojo slept..then went back to sarahs and just hung out and had fun..Well right now im about to leave and go to my grandma's for easter what fun...


wow those go striaght to yuor ASS !@ [Tuesday,
March 15th 2005 @ 3:12]
[ mood | Oh ya_Oh ya ]

Um i'm so bored maybe going to JOvanna's HOuse Sweeettt and possible going to SArah's dance class (she may go to JOvanna's house)YIppie this could be possible Sweettt... Hm well i'm going to CAll jovanna....SO bye


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March 8th 2005 @ 6:57]
[ mood | sore ]

Well like i'am very burnt...But in Florida i learned a good leeson that you can get burnt in the pool without having sunscreen.Also sunburns are very painfull...It was soo funny when i was in Florida this wierd guy like started talking to us in the mall cuz there was this stick smelly thingy anf=d like it was called pussy..it also smelled like shit...hmm no wonder..but like rachel screemed "want a pussy" hah and like shoved it in my face...and this man came up to us and ended up reading my sister my mom's my stepmom's and my palms...Mind you this guy was ugly and like he was hitting on my stepmom and my mom anbd like rachel and me..but it was soo funny like he knew that my omm was married and he was lke are you still messing around and ..he called my stepmom sexy.. it was funny then.. in this shoe store this kid that reminded my of that kid of the show cousin skeeter well rachel said he was hott and like the chick working told him cuz like he worked there too and he was like to rachel give me your number hhaa....WEll like also me and rachel got into this fight thingy with my stepmom and my dad..and well rachel is grounded for a week and umm i got nothnig i love my mom ;)she didn't ground me .... ANd like that was about all the excitment.. other then there were no hott guys unless old guys that are wrinkly.....WEll knoe i'm tired and have no idea what to do for my birthday cuz the whole florida thingy..so if you have any ideas just tell me......

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umm.... [Friday,
February 25th 2005 @ 3:03]
[ mood | silly ]

You are a Folkie. Good for you.

What is a folkie .....sounds cool to me ... Bored as usual...

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havent update in forever [Friday,
February 18th 2005 @ 9:27]
[ mood | blank ]

well i havent updated in a long time this week was pretty damn boring other than wednesday when i went over sarahs with jovanna and becki. We walked to new york now and froze are little well cept for sarahs asses off. then we got liver flavored dog treats and gummy bear dog treats and i ate like two and then everyone licked the gummy bears ew. and then we went back to sarahs jovanna kept falling on snow it was funny then rachel called and made these ' noises ' for everyone hahahaha! thenn backi went home =( me n jovanna ended up spending the night we went to bed late like 3-4 ish or around there and we had to wake up at 8 to go pick rachel up at the airport after that we went to this german wierd food pancake like house and there was a lady with HUGE buttons. and one guy with nice hair and a nother with boils on his face sick. we camme home hungout and then went to the movies to see coach carter and i was getting pissed becasue rachel was embaraassing as hell cuz she was acting stupid it was funny at some times but she almost got her ass kicked because she threw something at some girl haha. then jovanna and i went to see poohhsss humpafleouriehg or somehting and then boogeyman then walked around and ended up going back and sitting there with some freak staring at us. ( felt bad for rachel on the end ) then jovannas dad picked us up and drove us home. rest of the night boring slow whatever .

today im not sure what im doing but i do know im getting my stitches out at 3 ! woop woop =)

[ this entry spoken by emily typed by rachel ] =D!

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February 5th 2005 @ 11:23]
Well this is like the song i'm currently in love with..


"The Widow"

He's got fasting black lungs
Made of clove splintered shardes
They're the kind that will talk
Through a weezing of coughs

And I hear him every night
In every pore
And every time he just makes me warm

Freeze without an answer
Free from all the shame
Must I hide?
Cause I'll never
Never sleep alone

Look at how they flock to him
From an isle of open sores
He knows that the taste is such
Such to die for

And I hear him every night
On every street
The scales that do slither
Deliver me from…

Freeze without an answer
Free from all the shame
Then I'll hide
Cause I'll never
Never sleep alone

Oh lord
Said I'm bloodshot for sure
Pale runs the ghost
Swollen on the shore

in every pore
The scales that do slither
Deliver me from…

Freeze without an answer
Free from all the shame
Then I'll hide
Cause I'll never
Never sleep alone

Freeze without an answer
Free from all the shame
Let me die
Cause I'll never
Never sleep alone

P.S. whne i went ot the mall tonight i got this sweet lip gloss.I thought you'd like to knoe...
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i remember when the days were long .. [Saturday,
February 5th 2005 @ 3:28]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Checking something out.

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